What does it take to migrate your sellers from using a spreadsheet to leveraging an interactive value assessment tool?

In this interview we talked with experienced value consultant Clayton Slagle about his business value selling tool and program at PTC.

Here are just a few insights he shared on the value of a good value proposition!

“When times are hard and projects face increased competition, both with companies being risk averse and the number of projects that are being considered, a good value proposition helps ‘separate the wheat from the chafe’, and so, having a clear business case that develops solid, hard returns in a reasonable amount of time is just, uh, by nature, it moves those projects to the top of the heap!”

“The value proposition that we offer our customers is complex, and without their buy in, you have to kind of resort to a wide range of possibilities, and it can result in a little disbelief at first. But… when you walk the customer through all the components that go in and they see how the effects are gonna flow through their business and effect their financial statements, they give buy-in.

This tool was an excellent way to kind of bring them in- draw them into that process a bid at a time, providing the data, see where it goes, and seeing the impact of the various factors. It really enabled the conversation that was going on along the side as well.”

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Value, Value, Value!

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

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