Customer Intelligence, Machine Learning and AI are all important considerations for sales enablement practices.

In my interview with Pete McChrystal, CEO and founder of sales enablement firm Accent Technologies, we discussed CRM integration, best use cases and the art of the possible. He had lots to share. Here are a few take aways…

On just how important a good remote selling experience is:

“They’re gonna quickly see the value of being able to deliver digitally with personalized pieces of content, and then, some of the things that you just don’t get with printed pieces, like the tracking, the ability to provide a good, personalized microsite for a buyer, and then be able to track their views so that you can follow up when it’s convenient for the seller. So, I think we are going to see a great transformation here in the appreciation and use of these types of systems.”

On the importance of Data, AI, and Machine Learning…

“That’s absolutely crucial. And what machines can do well, or AI systems, if they’re configured properly can really go through and help you determine buyer intent, and separate those buyers and customers that are really engaging and investing time in the relationship in progressing the deal forward vs. those that aren’t.”

This remote selling thing isn’t so bad, now is it??

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

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