In this podcast, Ian Altman interviews Tom Pisello, the ROI guy and founder of the Evolved Selling Institute, about the predicted impending death of the B2B sales rep.

We discussed what types of attributes are necessary for B2B sales reps to survive and thrive in this day. We also explore how to add value to your clients in a proactive rather than a responsive way.

Listen and Discover

  • How 1.5 million of the 5 million B2B sales reps are predicted to be out of a job by 2020
  • Why you need two value-added archetypes within your B2B sales organization
  • The impact a Customer Success Department can have on growing revenue and customers.
  • What it means to co-create the journey with your customer during the sales process, be an expert in that journey as well as an expert in the business problem they’re trying to solve.
  • And much more…