ABCOMRENTS, a proven leader technology rentals services, needed to evolve from managing content via email and file shares, to empower sellers to better find and leverage important content across 4,000+ SKUs.

This challenge became more urgent as ABCOMRENTS acquired a company with many more geographically distributed sellers and even more product lines and SKUs.

In this interview of Marketing Manager Shannon McNealy, Marketing Manager at ABCOMRENTS, we explore what she and her team implemented to help solve these issues, reduce marketing burden and deliver better selling effectiveness.

And, we explore how having the right sales enablement platform in place helped ABCOMRENTS quickly pivot the business when their trade-show technology rental services business fell victim to the shutdown.

Hear Tom Pisello’s interview of ABCOMRENTS’ Shannon McNealy,
in this recorded webinar ‘How to Quickly Pivot Your Sales and Marketing Strategy in the Age of Social Distancing.

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