Often customers need tangible proof that the purchase produced a return on investment in order to renew or expand the relationship, however most solution providers don’t do a good job of being able to quantify the realized value provided.

In this interview, we discuss the importance of Realized Value, what providers are struggling with today, and the best practices on implementing the right way.

Jack notes 3 of the major and prevalent challenges he sees facing many companies today:

  • “ ‘The Tyranny of Success’ {when a company has had} lots of success in the past- 20th century- ‘Why should I change?’ “
  • “Sellers don’t see the writing on the wall. They underestimate the speed by which this value and outcome approach is desired by customers, and even how well their competitors are adapting to it. So they are falling behind the curveball…”
  • “They are misinterpreting what Value Focus really means.”


The Value of Value is infinite…

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