Evolved Selling

The ratios do depend on the type and complexity of the solution, the size of the deals, and the capability of the team members, but we do have some benchmarks we can share.

With Spreadsheet-driven programs, we see Value Consultants typical average 8 analysis engagements per quarter. This amounts to an average of about 32 analysis per value consultant per year.

When you do the math with this level of productivity, you need about one value consultant for every 8 reps, and typically engaging on only the biggest opportunities.

The challenge with spreadsheet-driven analysis is that sellers often find the tools too difficult to use on their own, requiring value consultants to be involved in each deal. Spreadsheet driven programs relying on Value Consultants don’t scale over time and smaller albright still significant opportunities don’t get financial justification so essential to accelerating and winning the deals.

For organizations that implement modern interactive ROI sales tools, ones which are easy for sellers to learn, adopt and use, we find that organizations can reserve Value Consultants for the largest deals AND get business cases for the smaller deals directly from sales reps collaborating with prospects.

In these organizations, we see 55 analysis per quarter / 220 per year per Value Consultant, a 588% improvement. And the seller to value consultant ratio increases to 40 to 1 a 400% improvement.

With five consultants, these organizations often accomplish more than 1,100 analysis engagements a year.